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  1. Cory is crazor

  2. Corey was a great friend of mine and his mom was the greatest tutor I had miss u bud RIP I will never forget u

  3. All of Cory’s friends were his best freinds. When you were together, he had a way of making you feel like there was no better place in the world. He had dreams and he knew how to make them happen. The world is simply not as good, without Cory Palmer in it.

  4. Cory lived life to the fullest and had a profoundly positive impact on on those closest to him. From my experience, he was a sound voice of reason during a transitional time in my life and I draw upon his words and the example he set to this day as my guide to living and decisions about my future. Life is a gift and you should live everyday like it is your last. Pursue your passions with everything that you have and be selfless to your family, friends and those closest to you. I would not be where I am today without Cory and I know he lives on in each and every person he touched in the short time we were lucky enough to have him with us.

  5. I am so touched by the event you all have planned as a tribute to Cory. Thank you so much. I am particularly pleased that you have chosen to support Wounded Warrior Project with the proceeds from the tournament. Cory insisted that should he not come home from war, he did not want to be mourned, but wanted his friends to live and celebrate live every single day. “Mom, if I don’t make it home, I’d better not look down from heaven and see candles lit all over the place with people moping around!” I chuckle when I remember the fervor with which he gave that command! So this year on May 10, there will much rejoicing as we gather over golf to celebrate the joy of Cory Leonard Palmer. “Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift.” II Corinthians 9:15

  6. I am really looking forward to celebrating Cory’s birthday with so many people who love this very special young man!! I know that he will be watching, and I pray that he will feel the honor that he so richly deserves!!

  7. Cory, the men miss you. By now you would be a Gunnery Sergeant with your own platoon of Reconnaissance Marines. They would consider themselves blessed to have you taking care of them and crushing them in PT when they needed it. You’d look back and remember your rowdy days and not be overly hard on them when they decided to go out and do dumb $%^&. You’d inspire them by your example in technical / tactical competence, your physical/moral courage, and by always putting their welfare before yours. They’d cuss themselves when you, the Gunny, would still out shoot them at the range. They’d do the same after the PFT or on timed dives in the bay. Similarly, the Captain you’d serve alongside would be thankful to have you as his right hand man. He’d be thankful for your wisdom and your priority on keeping him doing the right thing, telling him what he needed to hear rather than just telling him whatever he might want to hear.

    Cory, while the men miss you, we take heart in knowing that you’re currently wearing the rank that the Almighty has assigned….that you have your own platoon of angels….and that you’re fighting HIS fight against evil, which is a much more important battle than what we continue to fight here on earth.

    You were the type of leader who would be followed by other Marines, regardless of rank, into the worst of circumstances in Iraq. We look forward to you leading us again when we check in at the gate.

    Semper Fidelis Heavenly Warrior,


    -the platoon commander you led

  8. Cory, I did not know you. Every year at SHOTShow I randomly pick a memorial bracelet from American Snipers to wear for the year. This year I picked Cory’s. Through a chance posting on a memorial page Bryan’s mom contacted me and let me know about the golf tournament. We began talking and are now making the dog tags for the event.
    Every morning I take a moment to think of Cory and the sacrifice he and his family and friends have made in order to allow me to live the day as a free American. In a small way I think of it as allowing Cory to live on.
    I have heard a lot about Cory and am very proud to wear his memory on my wrist. He was a true patriot and hero. Next January his bracelet will be retired and take up residence on my bookcase behind my desk so he will be near firearms and tactical gear, something any Marine will enjoy.

  9. I lent my ghillie boonie to Cory for sniper school. Best investment ever! He would later use his skills to prevent me from being ambushed on the Euphrates river. Well mannered with a great sense of humor, how could you not love him and that infectious smile. This is a great thing you are doing in his honor and it is evident through his family and friends where his values came from. I will push comms to the rest of the team mates. Never above, never below, always beside. Honored to have served beside him.

  10. Life is not the same without you. But you made us stronger than we ever realized. Thank you for that. Thanks for looking out for us up there. C! L! P!

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